We are gradually incorporating new split bolt solid brass medallions into all our saws.

Here is a Fiddleback Walnut Carcass saw all finished and ready to be shipped off to Fine Woodworking Magazine.  They recently requested a Carcass saw for an upcoming article comparing high-end handsaws.  I trust my saw will get a solid review. Stay tuned!

Fiddleback Walnut Carcass Saw 13ppi rip for Fine Woodworking

Fiddleback Walnut Carcass Saw 13ppi rip for Fine Woodworking

I would like y’all to know that I received my saws today.  They are both absolutely beautiful. They are functional works of art.

I wanted to drop everything and put them to use, but it had to wait till tom.  First thing in the morning.

Thank you for taking pride in what you do, it seriously shows.  It seems less people these days understand the virtue in it and more just want their money.  Your mentality and devotion to what you do sets you and your work apart from the majority and it is appreciated.  Without people like you our great country would die, they may be the majority but people like you are the heart.  Please, keep up the excellent work, I will definitely be back in touch.




Feedback is so important to running any small business.  Artisans need to keep their finger on the pulse of their customers.  It is so easy go get buried in saw dust and loose sight of what you are doing  and whom you are doing it for.

This email absolutely made my day!


IMG_2504Here is a picture of a recent set of custom saws for a cabinet maker in Maine.

The front saw is a 10″ 15ppi rip dovetail saw.

The back saw (no pun) is an 11″ 11ppi crosscutting carcass saw.

These two bad boys are ready to go to work. Both are graced with some California fiddleback walnut.

2013-09-21 11.52.39Here is the finished product.  Mortised new Winsor Saw medallion into highly figured quilted maple.  The blade is .025″ 1095 spring steel filed 12ppi rip.  In terms of the tote the angle is slight more aggressive than the original No. 9.  I sharpened the lines and streamlined the overall pattern to give a more stylized look than the originally clunky No. 9 tote.  Contact Winsor Saw at to order.  6-8 weeks for delivery.

2013-09-21 11.57.54


Found this perfect piece of quilted hard maple to execute another Reagan remake.

One of my customers, John B, send me these two pictures. The first is a Winsor Saw TenonBennett_Tenon doing joinery in hard maple in preparation for a 1800’s Chippendale mirror. The second is the end product, or better yet, art piece! Here’s what John has to say about his new Winsor Tenon Saw:

“Hi Robert, Attached is a photo of your saw helping me cut the joinery of late 1800s Chippendale rococo mirror.
The ripped filing cuts beautifully.”

Simply stunning!



We been working on a new design for brass medallions which will be integrated into all saws.


Going out to Dwayne a matching set: dovetail and tenon saws wrapped in oiled leather.


My customer grabbed this not so nice Disston backsaw off of eBay. For a nominal investment Winsor Saw acid washed the plade sanding to 600 grit straightened the plate, set, sharpened, tuned the plate and epoxy bedded the plate to the tote.  Now the saw is a finely tuned beast ready to make some serious sawdust. Blade was filed 13ppi crosscut.