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Just when I thought I made really cools saws I was introduced to Knew Concepts bionic fret saw.  The frame is aircraft grade titanium, adjustable cam blade tensioner, the blade swivels and the frame has no flex!

First try?  The saw is amazing.  the really two key elements are a super stiff frame and the cam blade tensioner.  No more wobbly fret saw blades.  Stiff=accurate cuts.

Now I just need the exotic wood handle from Elkhead Tools

Knew Concepts 5″ Titanium Jeweler’s Fret Saw

16" Tenon Custom Saw

Quilted Maple Tote for a Custom 16″ Tenon Saw

16″ quilted maple tenon saw

Disston No. 4

After shot of a Disston No. 4

There is about a 100 year gap in great saws. Disston and Atkins put out some of their best saws before the turn of the 20th century.  By the 40’s everything went to hell when saw makers started mass producing saws.  This is why the saw you bought at the big box store is worthless for cutting dovetails or doing precision work. Don’t throw it away use if for cutting PVC pipe, or letting your kids hack on some old tree, or chop’n up a deer carcass.

But your Grandpa’s old handsaw is worth keeping and restoring.

I recently purchased this late 19th century Disston No.4 off of ebay for around $20. I wanted to take a template off the handle for my own Tenon Saw. The No. 4 had a straight back and blade, was in needed of a good sharpening but the handles had some cracks and was missing one of the horns.

Disston No. 4

Before shot of the busted horn on a Disston No. 4

I used an epoxy sawdust recipe for filling cracks.  The missing horn was cut smooth and glued on a piece of cherry and reshaped the horn.  A complete sanding, some dark walnut stain, and a hand rubbed Qualasole finish gave the old saw a second life.  The brass split nut and medallion can be polished up with a Dremel tool and cotton rotary tool.

As for sharpening we offer a complete kit to sharpen dovetail, carcass, and tenon saws.

For a small investment you can have a piece of history and a fabulous cutting saw.



Winsor Saw Flame Maple Dovetail

Winsor Saw Flame Maple Dovetail

Hello!  Winsor Saw will be blogging about everything saws and specialized woodworking.  I hope to post about:

  • How to pick a saw
  • How to test your saw
  • How to practices sawing
  • How to tune your saw
  • How to sharpen a dovetail saw
  • How to care for your saw
  • How to buy a saw on Ebay
  • How to restore an old saw
  • How to remove rust from a saw plate